Student Voice

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Student Voice at FreshSteps is the time when the entire school gathers for an assembly. This happens once a week and is an opportunity for our pupils to share, celebrate and discuss what is happening in their school. 

Weekly Celebrations:

Every week, we hold our 'Star of the Week' and 'Headteacher's Star of the Week' awards. Children from each year group are presented with certificates and rewards for accomplishments they have made throughout the week - this could be related to effort, behaviour or attitude.


FreshSteps Magistrates:

FreshSteps Magistrates is our new initiative where we role-play a magistrates scenario. Pupils who have committed 'minor offences' throughout the week at school are summoned to FreshSteps Magistrates during our Student Voice assembly, where they will 'stand trial'. Pupils have the opportunity to choose a peer to act as their 'representative' and each week, different pupils are selected to be the jury. We have found this initiative to be highly successful amongst our pupils in supporting their understanding of the wider community and the acceptance of consequences for their actions.