Ethos & Values

  • To provide a range of learning experiences which appeal to the varying ages in which young people can develop
  • To provide an environment which is stimulating and free from unacceptable risks
  • To provide an environment which is conductive to learning
  • To provide opportunities for young people to explore and develop: physical intellectual, linguistic, emotional intelligence and social skills
  • To support young people in their education and ensure they understand what they are learning and why
  • To encourage an atmosphere of respect for authority and mutual respect of their peers and co-operation through participation in group games and activities.
  • To provide a range of workshops which are pro-active and ‘hands on’ which give a sense of achievement and accomplishments
  • To provide opportunities which build ‘emotional intelligence’ and ‘life skills’ for when a young person leaves FreshSteps to be able to go onto further education or seek employment.
  • To help young people to develop through varied learning activities standards of mature and responsible behaviour and the qualities of good judgement
  • To provide achievable outcomes; which build self-esteem and are designed to allow students to experience success
  • Through learning activities, we will encourage leadership, co-operation in preparation for life in an increasingly inter-dependent world
  • To offer a range of educational activities where young people are able to understand how to react appropriately to different situations which they may encounter within their community and future.

Aspirational Visits

As part of our Aims and Ethos one of our aims is “pushing ambition to enable all students to aspire” is part of everyone’s role at school.

Every student at FreshSteps is encouraged and supported to set their sights high and broaden their ambitions, regardless of their background or individual circumstances.

Our Raising Aspirations Programme aims to cultivate this process through a diverse range of events, speakers, mentoring and visits to universities and businesses.